Half Day Falconry Experience

GBP 72,00 £UK
  • Durée: 3 Heures (environ)
  • Lieu: Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Code produit: PXLKUA

Forest Falconry - a 'hands on' Birds of Prey Experience 9:45 - 13:00

On arrival you will be greeted by your Falconers for the day. They will introduce you to the flying team which is an assortment of Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles.  

We like to get you into the thick of it as soon as possible, so its on with the Falconry Gauntlet and straight into the woodland glade for some hands-on with one of our much loved native species, the Barn and Tawny Owls. You will be enchanted by these silent wonders of the woodland as they glide through the forest to alight upon your glove. These are ideal to start with, allowing you to grow in confidence before you progress to bigger and faster birds.

Mid-Morning Refreshments
We will stop for a mid-morning rest where refreshments in the way of Tea and Coffee are supplied. Our European Kestrel will wow you with his speed and agility and you can put your new found skills and confidence to the test when you are the one calling him to your falconry glove.  Then, it’s into the Forest to see how all the training comes together in the field with a Harris Hawk. The Harris is a super smart Hunter, who will follow you in the tree canopy as you walk along the wooded paths, regularly returning to your gloved fist along the way. 

For those who like the big birds we have one of the world’s biggest species of Owls, the European Eagle Owl. These birds have wingspans of over five feet! Yet are still gentle when they swoop from over 40 feet up a tree to land softly on your glove.​

This we hope this will be a day never to be forgotten, and will only fuel your interest further of these incredible creatures.  
Please allow 10 minutes before session start time (9:45 am) to be booked in.  If you have any doubts about the weather on the morning of your booking please telephone 01794 323310 before leaving home to check whether the activity will still go ahead .

Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and closed footwear.

Don't forget your Camera!

Refreshments, hot and cold will be provided.

PLEASE NOTE; No children under the age of 13 allowed on site and strictly NO DOGS!

You may bring a  Spectator (Restricted to One per participant), at a further charge of £15 - this can be added at the time of booking your day and paid for on arrival. Unfortunately, you cannot add a Spectator to the Gift Voucher. Your Spectator will be with you at all times (not watching from a distance!) and they may take as many Photos as they wish.